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We Like We don't like
Startups Where the founder has track record in a similar business, or the costs to test the concept are low. Where the founder had a dream one night, decided to start a business but has only ever worked in the postroom
Hi Tech Something we can understand in less than a minute and is relevant today. Anything that requires a degree in nuclear physics to understand, or solves a problem that might occur in the next millennium
Internet Most things niche Anything that purports to be the next ebay, Amazon, Facebook etc. Oh and no more social networking ideas for cats, cell-mates or under-5's
Retail Internet retail High Street, Back Street or any other kind of street.
Professionals None of Them All of Them
Service Industry Some of them The others
Engineering Metal bashing with a purpose, profit and strong customer base. Metal bashing for no reason except the hope that a big order may eventually come
Distribution Distribution businesses with a realistic opportunity of being profitable Funding a van for Big John
Licensing Something established Something rather more hopeful
Gambling/Tobacco None of it All of it
Pharmaceuticals Something that works, is proven so – and people want. Something that might work when it's finished trials in 2023
Restaurants & Catering We enjoy visiting and eating in them – but that's about it. Restaurants & Catering
Mining In the UK Anything outside the UK that might one day yield a piece of gold, diamond or dinosaur bones.
We Like We don't like
Nigerians wishing to transfer $100m to us from the will of their beloved parent Hearing them and being entertained by them Investing or responding to them
Overseas Companies Visiting them Investing in them
Property Blimey. Too many to put in this box. All the rest
Recruitment Something niche Something small and not.
Transport Not really. Not sure. Convince us. Please – no more plans for electric cars that run on cow poo or potato peel.
Green/Bio/Wind Only massive scale Eyes glaze over at most of it
Investments funds No thanks Investing in funds

If you've exceeded the above criteria, try these:

We Like We don't like
Ability to Expand Overnight- the potential is massive. Help required. You'd get the chocolate hobnobs out if you achieve 4% growth per annum. Wow. A rip-roaring success
Expertise Where some expertise is lacking – but the will to succeed is there. Where you know absolutely everything – or indeed nothing.
Turnover size Somewhere between £500k and £50m Turnover less than a Premier League footballer gets a month.

Job done

If you're more in the "We like" categories than the "We don't like" categories and want investment, assistance, sale or part-sale of your company, then click here to email us. We'll respond within hours to hear more and arrange a meeting.

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