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Investment or Sale?

Let's be frank. Until you contact us we have no idea what you want, but typically we work with business founders that are looking for one of the following:-

In need of funding/expertise to build the business
In need of funding/expertise to keep the business afloat
Want to retire/run away
Want to continue to run the business but need help

If you don't fit into any of those categories then we can already save you time by asking you not to contact us – unless of course it's a particular sexy proposition.

Deal Size

Jetland acquisitions are typically businesses with a turnover of between £2m and £20m. For larger deals of £25m to £200m. Please contact landsegal@jetland.co.uk with your phone number.

Angels with Angels...

Jetland LLP is not your typical funding house. We're Angels with a mission to make money and have fun in the process.


No Buzz Words or Bank Speak

We're not bankers. We're businessmen. Presentations that involve the words "Platform" & "Protocol" are meaningless to us.

We've run businesses ourselves, built them ourselves and sold them… So we know the real challenges of business. We're straight talking and direct.

Making money is enjoyable

If you're running a business for any reason other than generating money then you've misunderstood the purpose or confused it with a charity.

We love business. We love to help them grow into money-spinners – and we can help you do it without even having to wear a tie. Mavericks eh?